My company, Innovative Marine Products LLC, started out in 2005.

The first product that I designed and manufactured was our “BLADE TAMER” knife sheaths. The idea for these sheaths came from the frustration of never being able to locate a sheath that fit my Forschner knives.

I set out to make a high quality product that would provide good value for a unique customer: other fishermen like myself. We now make eight different model sheaths with three of these available in camouflage as well as black. In addition to our sheaths, we are distributors for the Victorinox – RH Forschner line of cutlery.

These knives are generally regarded as some of the best in the world. We also design and manufacture our own line of fishing pliers and their custom holder. We feature two offshore models as well as a new inshore series. Throughout our company’s history, the message is the same – we strive to make products that you are happy to own and we are proud to make.

And, as always, they are “Field Tested . . . Field Tough!” Thanks again for your loyalty and your business. Tight lines,

– Howard